Daito Spinning is the only manufacturer in Japan specialized in metal spinning machines. We correspond to any kind of specifications such as multi-purpose machines, exclusive machines and special machines.

We promote and challenge "Metal Spinning", a unique manufacturing method of Sosei processing in order to have it widely acknowledged by more people. Metal Spinning has a hard side and a soft side and especially the soft side is an important element. Our sufficiently experienced staff will always support you.

The test machines are arranged in order to have a glance at how manufacturing is done by spinning processing.


NC Metal Spinning Machine

T-1500 type
T-2000 type
T-3000 type
NC2 opposite roller spinning machine

Various special-purpose machines

DSPV-500 type curling machine
CNC pipe Spinning machine
5-axis rotary burnishing machine
DSPV-300 type necking machine
DSPV-500 type beading machine
DSP-300 type necking machine
DSPV-2000 type curling machine
DSPV-2000 type beading machine
DSPV-500 type 2-axis kettle spinning machine
DSPV-500 type kettle spinning machine
DSPV-500W type opposite roller Shigoki machine
Beading carrying out machine


Information about the test factory

In order to respond to operational and technical questions, you can experience the real machines at our company's test factory. Please contact us for anything about Metal Spinning machines.